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Burn that Extra Calories In 1 Week and every Week !

Burn that Extra Calories ...

Been bother on your body excessive weight ? Well…one of the easiest way ( and well-known ) to ...


Balance Diet – Appropriate Intake Of Vitamins and Minerals For Optimal Health

Balance Diet – Appropri...

Inappropriate and unhealthy diet results in accumulation of different kinds sarcomas in the body. The health requires suitable ...

Preventive Measures

Have a Strong and Resilient Bones – Avoiding Osteoporosis

Have a Strong and Resilie...

Bones – the rigid framework that supports our body, muscle and tissues, are actually living tissues in a ...


Metabolic Syndrome – Reverse your risk with appropriate diet and exercise

Metabolic Syndrome – Re...

Researches show that nearly a third of adults age above 20 years old commonly suffer from a condition ...

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Mailing Address
2750 Birchcrest Dr.
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Overcomers Umbrella

Overcomers Umbrella
Reaching a Hurting World
Aimee Harris Learning Center
Destiny on Wheels
Joseph’s Food Bank
Mentoring Program
Teen Zone
Arms program
Our substance abuse program that teaches
” Accepting Responsibility is Mandatory”

The Amiee Harris Learning Center
An after school program to help students with their home work and study habits.

A second chance empowerment program
to Hire X Felons Joined in the fight ,Against Domestic Violence. )e-mail victoryinthetruth@cox.net

Cradles of Grace
Helping young Ladies from ages 14 to 18 who are Pregnant, but having trouble at home.

Diabetes Screening
to help bring awareness to those who can not afford to get checked, for this illness making it available right on our campus. Partnering  with our Health& Wellness program .

Destiny on Wheels
Free books , Free Food and Fun for teens and children in the

Health and Wellness program
Helping the church community at Large to think and become
Healthier and to educate them by Partnering with Dr’s and Hospitals ,in the

Joseph’s Food Bank
To Monthly help those with a one time supply of food and
Economic Empowerment instructions and help prepare them for the future.

Mentoring Program
A place where Boys and Girls can be mentored: for the boys (Man in demand, and for the e girls Feminine forever) once a week .An 8 week class that
teaches and educates  our youth about their bodies and hygiene and of course the
Word of God.

Overcomers Outreach Project
Helping those with substance & alcohol abuse problems.
To serve as a support group, weekly.

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