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Burn that Extra Calories In 1 Week and every Week !

weight loss dietaryBeen bother on your body excessive weight ? Well…one of the easiest way ( and well-known ) to weight loss is by burning your body fat. In one pound of body fat, there are 3,500 calories in it. So, if you want to lose one pound of fat, you’ll need to find a way to burn those 3,500 calories. It’s not an easy job if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it will give you a better body shape while maintain your healthy condition.

However, you need to know that it isn’t healthy to force yourself to lose a pound by exercising as much as you can. Many doctors will recommend you to lose two pounds per week maximum. This recommendation will help you to get the body you dreamed of in a much safer way because you let your body to adjust to your diet plan and exercises.

So, what should you do to lose two pounds per week and doing it safely ?

Jogging !

  • Train your body to do at least an hour jogging for five days a week. Slow jogging for an hour should burn about 350 calories in your body. By doing this for five consecutive days, you could lose about half-pound. Combine this with a healthy diet plan, and you could easily slash out one pound of fat from your body.
  • One thing you need to remember never put in more calories than you burn. That’s why you need to control your food intake by having a healthy diet plan and implement it to your daily routine. The easiest way to do this is by preventing yourself from eating too much after your running session. If you’re hungry, it’s normal. Eat a large salad or several fruits are much better than the pasta dish you have.
  • If you’re like many people who can’t run for an hour in their first time, start with a smaller time-frame, like 10-15 minutes a day, and slowly increase it. It will help your body to adapt to this new exercise without exhaust yourself.

Cook your own food

  • While it’s easier to just go out and grab some fries and hamburgers, it’s much better for you to cook your own food. By doing this, you could control how many calories you put in your body by taking a smaller portion. Also, it will prevent you from having a calorie-fest that will end up by having more calories than you burn.
  • However, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat out at all. If you’re on the social party, you’ll likely have to eat in there. Just discipline yourself by choosing which one better for your diet plan than eating all foods that available in there. For example, choosing salad than hamburgers is one of the smart moves towards your weight loss goal.

weightloss burnign fatThose are two things that you could do to lose weight at least one pound a week. The first one is jogging, and second is by cooking your own food. It’s probably hard to do at first if you never do this before, so make it as a habit that you should do everyday.

Keep motivating yourself and stick to the plan for couple of months and you’ll see the results you want ! You’ll be having the fine smile when you achieve your desire weight level !

It’s just feels Better with Nutritional Dieting And Weightloss Program !

inappropriate exerciseIn many weigh loss program, you could find that they are restrict you not to consume certain foods, or make you focusing on several types of foods only. Also, with the exercises they provided, you’re forced to work on a certain exercise, no matter your feeling about it. This certain exercise usually a hard one, which make your body to burn more fat, and burn yourself to exhaust. It’s not a wonder anymore that someone who starts this type of weight loss program will actually dump it for the next 3 days.

So what should you do? You want to get the body you want without sacrificing your favorite foods or doing hard exercises. Believe it or not, you could do that. However, the results probably take a bit longer. Let’s say, it would take 30 days so you could see the results with your own eyes, than any weight loss program that promises you the fast weight loss in 7 days.

Would you do it? Would you trade the dream of fast weight loss with the conscious one? The one which you can still eat your favorite food while you’re having a fun diet plan? If you do, keep reading.

nutrition weight loss fruit vegetablesIn the recent studies, it’s concluded that your body absorbs more nutrition from the food that you like. It means, even if you stuff yourself with healthy salads or broccolis that you don’t like, your body have a lower chance to absorb the nutrition. Why is that happen? Well, because if the smell or sight of salads can’t make you droll, why do you think your stomach not feeling the same way?

When you see some foods that you like, for example, a roasted chicken with a special sauce, the smell or sight of it will trigger our stomach to release more digestive enzymes. This is the big differences between the consummation of salads and roasted chicken. These digestive enzymes will digest and absorbs more nutrition from your roasted chicken, than the one with salads. So, if you’re not sure you could barely alive by eating salads everyday, it’s suggested that you get back to your favorite food. But please, do discipline yourself not to overeat it. If you could only eat HALF of your usual portion, it would be better that way.

So, how to fit your favorite foods into your diet plan?

Healthy FoodsFirst, make sure the food you like contain nutritious substances. It means vegetables, proteins, fruits and whole grains are much preferable than any packed-specially-for-your-diet-plan type of food. Do anything you like with the food that you choose. Steam, bake, fry, or grill them as you like. Of course, it is as long as you’re more than willing to eat the foods when you’re done.

Second, find out the reasons why you need to eat. Is it because you like the foods? Is it because you’re totally hungry? Is it because you’re in the social party? Or is it because your stress triggers the needs to eat more foods? Find out the reasons of your desire to eat. That’s why it’s always suggested that you make 6 small portions of meals instead of 3 big meals so that you could eat something constantly every 3-4 hours and avoid the hunger that force you to overeat.

Third, chew slowly. Enjoy your meals by chewing it slowly. Savor every taste and texture. It’s important to eat slowly and enjoy it because you’ll feel full faster than just stuffed the foods into your mouth.

So, what about the result ? Easy diet plan and weight loss with appropriate nutritional intake and achieving optimum health.