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It’s just feels Better with Nutritional Dieting And Weightloss Program !

inappropriate exerciseIn many weigh loss program, you could find that they are restrict you not to consume certain foods, or make you focusing on several types of foods only. Also, with the exercises they provided, you’re forced to work on a certain exercise, no matter your feeling about it. This certain exercise usually a hard one, which make your body to burn more fat, and burn yourself to exhaust. It’s not a wonder anymore that someone who starts this type of weight loss program will actually dump it for the next 3 days.

So what should you do? You want to get the body you want without sacrificing your favorite foods or doing hard exercises. Believe it or not, you could do that. However, the results probably take a bit longer. Let’s say, it would take 30 days so you could see the results with your own eyes, than any weight loss program that promises you the fast weight loss in 7 days.

Would you do it? Would you trade the dream of fast weight loss with the conscious one? The one which you can still eat your favorite food while you’re having a fun diet plan? If you do, keep reading.

nutrition weight loss fruit vegetablesIn the recent studies, it’s concluded that your body absorbs more nutrition from the food that you like. It means, even if you stuff yourself with healthy salads or broccolis that you don’t like, your body have a lower chance to absorb the nutrition. Why is that happen? Well, because if the smell or sight of salads can’t make you droll, why do you think your stomach not feeling the same way?

When you see some foods that you like, for example, a roasted chicken with a special sauce, the smell or sight of it will trigger our stomach to release more digestive enzymes. This is the big differences between the consummation of salads and roasted chicken. These digestive enzymes will digest and absorbs more nutrition from your roasted chicken, than the one with salads. So, if you’re not sure you could barely alive by eating salads everyday, it’s suggested that you get back to your favorite food. But please, do discipline yourself not to overeat it. If you could only eat HALF of your usual portion, it would be better that way.

So, how to fit your favorite foods into your diet plan?

Healthy FoodsFirst, make sure the food you like contain nutritious substances. It means vegetables, proteins, fruits and whole grains are much preferable than any packed-specially-for-your-diet-plan type of food. Do anything you like with the food that you choose. Steam, bake, fry, or grill them as you like. Of course, it is as long as you’re more than willing to eat the foods when you’re done.

Second, find out the reasons why you need to eat. Is it because you like the foods? Is it because you’re totally hungry? Is it because you’re in the social party? Or is it because your stress triggers the needs to eat more foods? Find out the reasons of your desire to eat. That’s why it’s always suggested that you make 6 small portions of meals instead of 3 big meals so that you could eat something constantly every 3-4 hours and avoid the hunger that force you to overeat.

Third, chew slowly. Enjoy your meals by chewing it slowly. Savor every taste and texture. It’s important to eat slowly and enjoy it because you’ll feel full faster than just stuffed the foods into your mouth.

So, what about the result ? Easy diet plan and weight loss with appropriate nutritional intake and achieving optimum health.

Have a Strong and Resilient Bones – Avoiding Osteoporosis

Bones – the rigid framework that supports our body, muscle and tissues, are actually living tissues in a constant state of break down and build up. Bones are also porous, that consist of a flexible porous framework of a protein substance known as collagen, plus a lot of calcium phosphate that serves as a mineral filler.

osteoporosisAs bones are in a constant state of rebuilding, when it become porous they would lose its strength in supporting our body structures. And hence the danger here is facing bones fracture incident.

A young person with strong resilient bones, who experiences a simple broken or fractured bone will heal fairly quickly. However, an older person who experiences a Hip fracture ( which is a common occurrence among seniors with osteoporosis ), could find that he has crossed the threshold into disability and worse.

More often than not, many people have the wrong idea thinking that osteoporosis is a woman’s disease. While it could be true that women can be at higher risk of bone loss during ( and after ) menopause, men also are commonly afflicted.

While genetics could plays a role in the development of osteoporosis, there’s a lot that you can actually do now to improve your chances of having a strong, flexible bones when moving into old age. More commonly, these are :-

1. Boost your calcium and vitamin D intake.

calcium and vitamin DCalcium is a mineral used in a wide variety in our body functions. If you’re not getting sufficient calcium from your diet, your body will begin to break down the calcium in your bones to use it elsewhere.

Vitamin D helps your body both absorb calcium and deposit it into the bones. Many medical studies have demonstrated that adequate amounts of both calcium mineral and vitamin D will improve bone mineral density. Adequate vitamin D in daily dietary intake is important to preserve bone strength.

Our skin actually makes vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Unfortunately, many of us do not get sufficient vitamin D from either sunlight or dietary sources, so it may be important to consider adding a supplement to your diet.

Some of the best sources of calcium are low-fat and non fat dairy products like yogurt, sardines, broccoli, fortified soymilk and soy foods, cereals and much more.

2. Resistance exercise to preserve bone strength.

Resistance training and weight-bearing exercise like walking would certainly helps to stimulate new bone formation. It also helps preserves lean body mass , which also helps to keep your weight scale in-check. Exercise in general and soft type, example “Tai Chi” , could helps to enhances flexibility.

3. Don’t forget your Vitamin K

Vitamin KVitamin K, is being recognized as an important player in the promotion of bone strength. There has been research showing that when a person who took vitamin K supplements, along with vitamin D, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, had significantly less bone loss after three years compared with others who took either a placebo or the same supplements minus the vitamin K.

Currently, common recommended dose for vitamin K is 9o mcg (micrograms) a day for women, and 120 mcg a day for men. Vitamin K is particularly abundant in spinach, other sources include cabbage too.

4. Potassium – Bone Booster.

Research has shown that people who get a good supply of potassium experience less bone loss than others who do not. As potassium is readily available in many fruits and vegetables, we should have no problem to reach daily healthy intake of potassium of 8,000 mg . For knowledge, a single potato has 940 mg of potassium, and a banana contains 490 mg !

Caffeine Consumption5. Watch Your Caffeine Consumption.

It is well known that excessive amounts of caffeine can affect bone strength, as it increases the amount of calcium excreted in the urine. Limit your daily coffee consumption ! Don’t forget that soda contain caffeine as well as phosphates, which tend to pull calcium from the bones.

While many people love coffee, and some consider it a must for daily intake, you should consider adding some non fat milk, or low-fat milk, or calcium-fortified soymilk to your coffee. This could helps to counteract adverse effects of the caffeine.

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