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Metabolic Syndrome – Reverse your risk with appropriate diet and exercise

Researches show that nearly a third of adults age above 20 years old commonly suffer from a condition known as metabolic syndrome .  The ration is much alarming among elderly, probably approaching nearly 50% among them. It is also found out that this syndrome also occurs in those who are not obese but had recently put on a lot of weight, and children who are overweight .metabolic syndrome

Main contributing factor to this syndrome is probably caused by a fundamental malfunctioning in the body’s system that works on storing and burning energy. Other factors could also be genetics, unhealthy lifestyle , in-appropriate diet especially those high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber, smoking, high intake on saturated fats, and progressive weight gain.

Metabolic Syndrome appears to have exponentially increase the risk of various health problems, notably heart related disease, diabetes, and possibly certain type of cancer too. It’s important to note that you don’t need to be obese to suffer from this Syndrome ! Many people think that obesity is the most crucial and deciding factor in this metabolic syndrome. This is not true and it’s dangerous to carry on without any treatment for the syndrome as your risk of subsequently developing more serious illness increases as time flows.

In general, if you have three or more of the following listed then you do probably have it, and you should start now to reverse your risk with appropriate diet and exercise :-metabolic syndrome waist

  • Waist Measure : more than 40 inches for males ; above 35 inches for females
  • Blood pressure: greater than 130/85
  • Serum triglycerides : greater than 15o mg/di
  • High fasting glucose ( or blood sugar ), of at least Ho mg/d1 of blood
  • HDLs : less than 4o mg for males and less than 5o mg for females

In general, the following steps should be taken if you have sign of suffering from metabolic syndrome :-Exercise

  1. Work on to start losing those excess weight.
  2. Increase physical activity ; Example, more exercise.
  3. Watch your blood pressure level. Take steps to reduce it if it goes high.
  4. Adopt healthy diet plan consisting more on vegetables and fruits.
  5. Watch your cholesterol level. Consider to take medication to control it if the level doesn’t goes right.
  6. Avoid a very low-fat diet ! Yes, low fats dietary is alright, but ‘very low-fat’ diet is not ! Any diet that has less than 20 percent of calories from fat could exacerbate metabolic syndrome. Usually, eating very little fat means an increase in carbohydrate consumption can cause both triglycerides and blood glucose to rise, worsening metabolic syndrome.

metabolic syndrome controlDiscuss with your local health care provider to see if you should pursue further medication or more appropriate diet, exercise, and stress control.

Cancer Preventions with Fruits in Daily Dietary

Researchers worldwide, including from World Health Organization, the American Ministry of Agriculture, as well as other international health institutes , has indicate that if people were to include in their daily dietary of at least 5 portions of either vegetables and/or fruit, it may helps  in reducing approximate of 20% in cancer risks. Several fruits, like orange, apple, grape, grapefruit, strawberry, honeydew, watermelon, lemon, pineapple, kiwi fruit and so on, may even have important roles in reducing cancer risk effectively.  These fruits may have some special substances that are hardly found in other foods sources, of which could possibly helps in preventing the development of breast cancer, prostate gland cancer, colon cancer.

Apricot In Cancer PreventionStrawberry, being one of the best source in cancer prevention fruit, contain kind of special acidic substances, that act as anti-toxic material and preventing cancer cells from being developed. Further, strawberry also has an enzyme that helps in preventing leukemia.

Citrus fruits class fruits( like orange, lemon, grapefruit ) , with its rich Vitamin C, helps in strengthening our body, skin, lung, intestinal, and liver . By transforming water-soluble toxic into fat soluble substances, it helps discharges those toxic substances out of our body, keep us healthy.

As well known, Vitamin C helps in strengthening our body immunity, researches indicated that for those who eat citrus class fruits in their daily dietary, has show positive reduction in cancer risk prevention of about 30% for , for pancreas cancer risk.  For those who often eat citrus class fruits, the possibilities of contracting mouth related deseases such as oral cavity, pharynx and larynx, stomach cancer, the risk level could be reduced as much as 50%  !

kiwi fruit in preventing cancerIn recent laboratory researches, it is discover that Kiwi ( which Vitamin C content is often recognized as high as 4 to 12 times compare to orange, about 30 times more than apple. is apple 30 times, grape’s 60 times ),  contain active substance that help in preventing cancer. Also, according to researches, apricot is the one of the best fruit that contain highest level of Vitamin B17 content. This particular Vitamin is highly effective in anti cancer treatment, as it eliminates the cancer infected cells. There are even research reports showing that cancer patients whom undergo treatment with Vitamin B17, more than 90% are treated successfully. Till now, there has been whooping number of about 4000 terminally illed cancer patient’s being saved by using Vitamin B17 in their treatments.

Nevertheless, although it is well known that the positive effects of these fruits in fighting cancer is highly recommended, people still need to eat accordingly when consuming these fruits. Depending to individual dietary habits, some may develop allergy or body/organ disorder if not careful especially consuming the fruits in raw form. Example would be patients with kidney illness are not advisable to consume much of strawberry as the fruit contain higher level of calcium, which may aggregate the kidney illness or worsen the condition.

Like what we often said – An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. But well, just like everything else,  having too much of it could sometimes brings trouble too ! So, proper consumption is still advisable.